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Bob Dunkin Photography

My Personal Blog

I also maintain my own personal blog (link below). There you will find some of my ramblings on various subjects not entirely related to photography.

I have some gear for sale. If your interested, click here.

Photography Blog

Here you’ll find tips, tricks, “behind the scenes”, and many other photography related things.

So, Who am I?

I’ve been taking photographs for many years now. In the past 2 or 3 years I’ve seriously gotten into photography and expanding my artform. Two years ago I got the chance to work with CBC as a citizen journalist for the G20 Summit in Toronto. This was the jumping off point for trying to get photography as a second income.

Really, all I want to do with this site is show you who I am as a photographer, and hopefully have you hire me as your photographer OR for basic photography lessons.

I work out of Toronto Ontario.

A guy with an eye, and usually a camera...

Someone who’ll go to great lengths (and a little danger) to get the shot!

I like to shoot with “Power” in mind. I shoot mainly protests, police, and storms.  Power and Emotion.

And finally, point 5.