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Bob Dunkin Photography

My Personal Blog

I also maintain my own personal blog (link below). There you will find some of my ramblings on various subjects not entirely related to photography.

I have some gear for sale. If your interested, click here.

Photography Blog

Here you’ll find tips, tricks, “behind the scenes”, and many other photography related things.

Bob Dunkin

Toronto, Ontario

Tel: (905) 467-5441


Twitter: @Blackbird_2

I am available in a wide variety of capacities. Do you need someone to shoot your event? How about a second shooter for your event? Need some tips on using your new camera, or tips in general? Want lessons on how to get the (near) perfect shot? Would you like to know how to shoot fast moving object in the dark, like lightning or fireworks? Give me a call! I’m always willing to help out other photographers if time allows. Rates reasonable. Also contact me if you wish to use any of the photos here for any purpose. All photos are available for licence, prices vary.